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flickerriffic!!!! =)

just went down to see josh cause i was about to completely explode. everyone in teh world was being a bitch and i just couldnt take it anymore. John told me Josh was back and I just ran down before i burst into tears. He totally calmed me down though like he always does. thank god for him.

i wish i wasnt so cold to him last night. i dont even know why. maybe i was just pissed at the whole finding better friends then me thing so i took it out on him. He looked a tiny bit hurt, but he seemed totally over it today. i love him so much. how he can bring such peace in me when i cant find it at all.

So Flickerstick here i come. 5 freakin hours before the concert. how freakin rediculous is this? but atleast I get to see them. i know some people would kill for it. so i will just suck it up and deal with it. ANd then enjoy the flickermen when they come on. I get to see abandoned pools and rubyhorse too. i am excited to see rubyhorse.

I know i will miss Josh though. Maybe the fact that he wont be around tonight helped me in calming down about going to the concert. its weird what love can do...
"when you are with me, I'm free...."

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