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Ok, you are in for a long post. so have patience =)

We got to the flicekrstick concert at around 5. I dont even want to tell you all that happened before but it was so frustrating that i almost didnt go. I am soo happy i did. lol so we went upstairs and stood online, which was inside so that like saved my life. They let us in at 7 and I got front row right between where Brandin and Fletcher would be. I love that spot. I always have that spot =)
So Rubyhorse came out first. They were completely awsome. I love them to death now. Daves voice was so amazing! i was so glad to finally see them. They were really into the audience and he kept smiling at me and the girl next to me hehe. Then Abandoned Pools came out and they were ok. The lead singers voice was crazy annoying but the bass player was soooo hot!!!!!! I have never seen anyone play the bass so sexually! she was amazing and the only thing that saved that band hehe.

Then the flickerboys came out. They played WIlly wonka as usual and Mick was like frantically running around trying to do last minute stuff after their extremely long sound check. He was really edgy that night though. It seems that the bigger they get, the longer it takes them to set up and sound check. lol. so yes they came on stage and i thought i was gonna die. They all looked amazing. They always look amazing but this time they looked especially amazing. I love Dom;s little mohawk thing! its so cute!!! And Brandin looked like a total little boy. he has a sweater on with a shirt under and the collar was out and so was the bottom. And he was wearing my maroon converse shoes!!!!!! i was like ahh!!! lol. Cory looked fantastic though. this night it was so about cory hehe. His hair looked amazing. And he was wearing this long sleeve stripped shirt and kahki cords with addidas shoes. He was actually wearing shoes this time! they looked so good on him! lol. SO they started teh set with Lift, which is a first cause they have always started with Smile. It worked very well though cause then they did got a feeling next and i love how those two connect. They did a few more songs and then they did a new song that Brandin said they wrote on the way back from the NYC concert. it was sooo good. Cory didnt really like it hehe. afterwards he was like well i just play it and when i told Brandin i loved the song he was like , yeah tell that to Cory. lol. so they played all their songs including Telling all the World and Right way to Fly. the whole concert was just soo amazing. I was so close to them it was unbelievable. Fletch kept putting his bass into the crowd and letting us play it, then he kept coming infront of me and that girl and was just playing in our face, rocking out! ANd brandin kept comming right infront of me and grabbinf all our hands lol. it was soooooo flickerrific!! Then when he got off of stage he pointed to me and then grabbed my hand and held it for what felt like a real long time, and gave me the brightest smile. god it was so amazing.

The show was over and Dom passed by and gave me and this other girl his drum sticks! i was so excited, and i got brandin's pick too! so the guys came off stage and a little while later they came out. I talked to all of them about how amazing the show was and i got pics and autographs from all of them. Fletcher even gave me a hug. I am getting such a collection of Fletcher hugs lol. We talked about his tattoo for a while. he got it all touched up and everything. Then my friend asks him if she could have his towel and hes like sure. so we decided to cut it into 4 parts hehe.

we talked to the guys from Rubyhorse a little too. One of them even wrote us a poem! lol they were so awsome. I got this really cool long sleeve flickerstick shirt with the satellite on teh front and flickerstick on the sleeve. it is so awsome. Patrick gave us another free sticker. he was like its coola s long as you dont stick it in the club! hehe. So we went to leave and just hung outside by the car, blasting flickerstick of course. So Mick comes by and we are like yay mick we love you!!! and we got pics and autographs with him too which he thought was so cute. And Brandin coems out with some people and Mick was like HA BRANDIN I have my own fanclub right here! Go away! this is the Mick Flaherty(or whatever =) fan club! hehe. Then he takes the thing he was signing and starts hitting brandin with it and Brandin is like ah dont hit me..all cute though =) i love these boys to death. =)

So we were about to leave a little while later but Mick was like oh could you girls help me watch teh gear while i bring it out and load it onto the trailer and we are like OMG of course we will watch the flickerstuff! So i have always wanted those little white boxes with the flicker sign on it and i'm like dude put it under your coat. lol. so we watched the stuff while Mick and Patrick loaded the van and then we said goodbye and left. We saw Dominic comming out of the bar and he looks in the car and waves at us. lol it was the best night ever. I was upset that i couldnt go to rochester yesterday but that was all good.

Then the next day was like total crap. Everyone was just being mean to me and not understanding that i wasnt in the mood to deal with things. Josh made me cry cause he was just being really insensitive and then andrea yelled at me so it just wasnt a good day. plus my sister was being a bit irritating. But then that night I talked to Josh about stuff and we worked it out so i felt better. Then at like 2am we went out into the woods to film some of his stuff for his class. it was like pouring rain but it was so amazing. Then we came back and talked a lot about stuff. Like deep serious stuff. I think he helped me realize a lot of stuff about me. not all good. he always does that. I need to stop depending on him and all my friends but i dont know how. He has to stop being my drug.

so then i came back and smoked up with my sister which was fun. we woke up late and we watched buffy and hung out. Them my dad came to pick her up. i miss her but i'm glad i can do my own thing now. i hope these days get better. rock on.

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