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*I pray to be only yours...*

So I go down to Josh''s room to see him cause i havnt seen him since that great talk yesterday. And i walk in the room and Andrea and guess who...Lorianne is there. Shes sitting on the bed all cute and shit. And i was like hey everyone and I'm like Josh you never called me back and hes like "Well the night is not over yet is it?" like a total jerk. AHHHH i dont know what the fuck to doo anymore. So i was like ok, and i stood there for like a minute while they ignored me and so i just came back up here. I am soo trying not to get upset over it. I shouldnt let other people make me upset like that. So what if shes down there with the guy i am in love with and they are flirting like crazy when he doesnt even notice me. so.fucking.what.

this is it for me. no more fucking around.

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