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Ok, something really weird just happened to me. I have been tinkering around with magick for a while now and i havnt really tried spells, but tonight after seeing Josh and Loriann (ha there is more to that story!) I was really upset. But i made that upsetness go away so i wouldnt have to be brought down by it. So i was looking through some magick stuff and i figured id try a love spell. So i set up and did the spell and then i figured id go down to the vending machines casue it was 3 and for some reason i just felt the energy of Josh. SO i geton the elevator and it stops on the 6th floor and guess who gets in. Josh. I was like woah, this is way too weird. after i just did all that. what are the odds of teh both of us going downstairs at the same exact time. SO i will see how this spell thing pans out...

So anyways, we went downstairs and he was telling me how Loriann called him and asked him if he wanted to go to the theatre with her tonight. Now normally he would say no to us cause he always has a lot of work to do and all that. But to her he said yes of course. So they hung out all night and went to the spot and all that. I'm having a really difficult time with all of this but i really need to keep my control.

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