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SO i wake up today and feel like total shit. I knew i wasnt gonna go to any of my classes today. whatever is in that stuff i smoked is waaay strong and knocks me out for like a day. Its so amazing though. Anyway, today just seems like a blah day. I dont wanna face the outside world cause i know it will just be bad and i will be upset.

funfest is today and Josh, Andrea, Jeff and some other dude are supposed to be rowing, but they all feel like shit so i dont know whats going on with that. its 6-12 which is like really late for a silly thing like that but we will see. Mary went home for the weekend which really rocks. Not that she is ever here anyways but now i know shes not gonna pop in here and there.

I keep thnking of how amazing Cory looked that night. I have never seen him look better then that. And he was sooo incredibly sweet. they never change and thats whats so great about them. They are a lot more open now, but from the first time i met them to now they are still the same people, and thats what makes them so incredible. rock on flick =)

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