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so we went to diner, then went for a walk to cvs so i could get a sketch book and some more art supplies. It was cool spending atleast some time with josh. Then i came bck to my room and painted a little, but michelle called and told me that nicole got some pot and tequiza. so there went my productive night lol. And for once i didnt really care if i would be here when josh got off duty.

so i came back around 1:30 high off my ass, trying not to make too much noise so andrea wouldnt come over. i have no idea what i did, all i know is i wake up at 3:30 feeling wide awake and not so high anymore. So i started painting hehe. And i watched the crow on tv which was hot cause i havnt seen it for a while.

I went downstairs to have a cig at like 4 somehow hoping i would run into josh again, but i didnt. I really missed him last night though. Like i wanted to see him soo bad. That feeling really has to go away.

so i wake up this morning and see that andrea left to go shopping without me. surprise, surprise. she probably went with jeff. Its ok i feel like crap anyways. so i look around my room and realize that i am so never gonna amount to anything more then one of those crazy drug addicts that sits around doing art and will be homeless in about a month. and for some reason it doesnt even phase me. like i knew all along.

why am i even here?

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