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holy crap

what afuckin crazy day. i cant even believe it. Well ok so i totally freaked out after my last journal entry cause like i said i was just so fed up with everything and strung out. I turned up my music and i swear i was losing it. I felt like i wasnt even here anymore. ANd i must have ripped half my hair out while crying my eyes out. So i really had to leave. I went to michelles rooma t about 3 and just started drinking and smoked a pipe. It felt so good to just get outside myself. I was seriously gonna losse my mind if i didnt. So i am sitting there talking to nicole and her friend katie and me and michelle decide to go to the mall. Well michelle mostly cause i was too wasted to even think. so i keep asking her if she is sober enough to drive cause i wanted to die but not like that lol.

so we are driving and i am sitting there opening the car door while she was driving and laughing my ass off.not exctly the smartest thing to do but what did i care. so then the car starts to smoke and shit so we had to pull over. i dotn really remember stuff inbetween there just that i got a cd and a dvd and then we came home. then i came back to my room and hung out with josh, trying really hard to be normal.

the rest of it i wont say here cause i really cant. all iknow is that i am so not gong to class tomorrow.

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