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long time....

so i decided to update today. i know i have been gone for a while but i really needed a break from the world.

so the past few days have just kinda been a blur. i havnt been doing much except trying to relax and get my head together. i am starting not to hear the distractions in my head anymore. that was really scary. so last night i did it again, just cause i wanted to feel. no big.

andrea told me i couldnt move in with her unless i met her "conditions" it hurt really bad that she said that, and the other things she said, and now i dont know what to do. its like all along she has a problem with stuff i do and stuff that makes me, me. you know? that sux when your best friend says stuff like that to you.

so emily is coming up to visit with tavi nest week. i am really excited. i hope she doesnt mind my room though cause since what happened i have just been letting everything go. ick. it should be way fun though. i havnt been to the lgbta office lately though and i know they will want to go there. i saw lorenzo last night though and it was cool so i might go. if i ever make it to campus....

i just wanna thank all my friends that cared enough to email me and talk to me and stuff. and for just being there when i needed you the most. and thanks to those who didnt say anything at all also, it was probably for the best. i know i am not an easy person to be friends, expecially when i go and do stuff like that, but thank you

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