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mohinder/sylar vid

ok, so i know its kinda late, and prob no one is going to see this right now, but i have to post it.

this is a vid i made for ladywilde80 based on her fic The Road to Redemption which you must read right now if you havent. its long, but its completely worth it, and you must read all of it. i am reccing this fic like its my job, cause its so superb. read the fic first, then watch the vid. trust me.

Title: Redemption
Song/Artist: The story by 30 seconds to mars
Vidder: brandinsbabe
Pairing/Character: mohinder/sylar, brief peter
Category: uhm...slash, love. whatever.
Format: mp4
Size: 24MB or something

Youtube link

Sendspace link

trust me, it looks better without the crappyness that youtube does to it lol
Tags: heroes, my vids, mylar

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