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you know, its like nothing ever changes. no matter what you do its always the same thing. you get through some shit but then your just stuck with more shit. and it never ends. it just keeps coming and coming until you have nothing left in you in a you just crack.

how teh fuck are we supposed to heal and pull ourselves together if while we are doing that, everything else is falling apart? i just feel like crying and i wonder why i didnt just finish what i started.

it never ends...

so i email vito and he tells me that i am gonna fail the class cause of my absences and that we have a test wednesday. wtf. ok so i guess i had it coming, but i just cant take this anymore. i cant do all this at once. i have nothing left in me and i am so trying to find something, anything to hold on to. but if i keep having all these things thrown in my face then how can i????

i feel like i am being pushed to the edge and people just wont stop pushing. they want me to fall of the edge and they dont even care.

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