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fangs up, yo.

omg i just got back from the best concert ever. i am so tired and in so much pain from standing for 4 and a half hours, but it was totally worth it.

cobra starship just gets more and more amazing every time i see them. gabe was so fucking adorable all night. they sang all my favs, and i FINALLY got to here Kiss my Sass live! woo!

i can't really hear properly right now lol. Oh, and we got there when doors already opened, so we were kind of in the back, but by the time Cobra came on we were in the second fucking row! Gabe leaned into the crowd at one point and i was like a foot away from him and his glorious golden mic. omg <3 he can really move those hips and shoulders of his ;)

dawn came with me and had a really good time. it was her first concert ever so she was really excited hehe. it was truly a concert experience! minimal on the crowd surfing and no mosh pit! thank god! it was a lot calmer than warped tour, which was great. the lighting was kind of crappy though, so my pics came out kinda bad. but i got to enjoy just watching the show, so it was alright.

the first two bands that played were pretty good. i liked the second one a lot, dont remember who they were. i'll have to look it up. Forever the sickest kids were alright. they were more eye candy than anything else lol. dawn liked them best hehe.

oh, and jeffrey star was there! lol. totally coked out, lol. she sang holla back boy with gabe. i was surprised they didnt sing i kissed a boy! but it was hot none the less <3
man, i feel like i'm gonna die right now. but im pretty happy :)
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