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goooood times.

so i'm away from lj for a night and all kinds of cool things happen! yey for the HAKM!!! :D i'm debating if i can actually pull that one off.

also, there are new promo pics for 3x06 and 7. and they are very spoilery apparently. im having a really hard time not looking at them. spoilers that are descriptions i have no problem with, but pictures...oh man. stop me!

so yesterday i was busy cause my sister and mike got here! we went to target to get some random stuff. and htey got me a TV for my birthday!! so not i have a TV in my living room and its not polly pocket size! lol

then we had the party! it was more of a get together cause everyone was sick. i had like 10 people cancel on me, and some just didnt show up. but it was still pretty fun. we just hung out and talked and drank. i think overall everyone had a good time.

today we are gonna go to the pumpkin festival thingy. they have a pumpkin patch and you can pick out whatever pumpkin you want. and like random halloween stuff.
Tags: family, friends, heroes, partying

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