Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

the one about halloween and hair

so 3 days before halloween i am FINALLY getting in the mood. a little late right? but better than never lol. i didnt want to miss it all this year so i forced myself into it by listening to thriller, ghostbusters, rocky horror etc all day. it totally worked.

went to do some halloween shopping with cat too. i went a couple weeks ago but i wasnt in the mood so i didnt get anything and they were all out of everything. i got some awesome eyelashes though...not for my costume, but they are awesome lol. they are black with teal feathers. yum

I was gonna be the seven deadly sins with my friends but it didnt work out. i'm still going to be Wrath though. i have a gorgeous red dress and th makeup is awesome. only thing is, they didnt have red hair spray any more. so i decided i'm just gonna dye my hair bright red. i;ve had it like that in the past and i really need a change. i usually dye my hair every 4 months into something crazy. its black now cause i need to find a job. but i think if its red for a week or two i'll be ok. and then i can change it back but not be depressed cause my hair will be different atleast for a while lol.

on halloween i have a wedding to go to. how crazy is that. its a halloween themed costume party so its gonna be awesome. and then afterwards we are going to club diablo, which is where we usually spend halloween anyway so its all good.

i'll try to find a pic of me with red hair in the past. i should do a whole crazy hair pic post! Y/N??
Tags: friends, hair, halloween, shopping

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