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i dont know how much longer i can do this! I cant stay awake in my classes cause i a so exhausted. But its not like i even go to bed that late! i just dont get it. Last night we had a floor meeting and i got to know some of hte girls on my floor better. theya re all way cooler then last year. josh my RA is pretty nice. He's in my nutrition class. The only thing i dont like is that hes a sophmore, and I am too, yet he is still like in charge of me. I just dont think thats right. RA's should be older then you.

I have two more classes today. one of which i have to leave for in like 10 minutes. but atleast Heather is in my class which is cool. then i have to trek across caous again. argh. I should get my guitar magazine before i go so i have something to read on the way. Ohhh i found a new hottie!!! Ket Turton! i dont know how to put pics on this thing otherwise i would.

ok i am passing by MTV and there is this weird ass commercial with a lamb....

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