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*so no one told you life was gonna be this way*

Today we went aparetmenet hunting. And then me and josh finally talked andrea into taking us food shopping hehe. we had such a great time. AND.... I think we found an apartement!!!!!!!! it was SOOOOOOO cool and big and nice and its cheaper then living in the doorms! i think my mom is really gonna go for it. its gonna be awsome. shes giving me shit about school though so i have to explain all that to her. i dont know if i should tell her about my "incident" so she better understands whats going on with me. it might not be good.

so tonight is Friends and ER and Will and Grace and all that. Thats like so exciting to today was an overall good day though. Tomorrow i actually have to go to class. I cant believe i am actually gonna go. its gonna be like truamatizing for me. hehe. i know this sounds like not a big deal to some people, but like i told my mom, if youve never been through it, then you just dont know. ugh i hate saying that lol. so here i am, living, breathing, singing, and being ok. i better keep this up.

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