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sylar vid. aka the headache of my day.

I made this video a little while ago, then decided to rework it the other day. so this is the end result. i had like 45534232 problems uploading it. and youtube is being an asshole so i uploaded it to imeem. but i dont really like imeem cause it always stalls for me. so if anyone has any other suggestions let me know.

Vid Title/Song: The line begins to blur
Vidder: brandinsbabe
Song/Artist: We're in this together now - nine inch nails
Character: Sylar
Summary: just a character analysis of Sylar. clips from seasons 1-3x07 were used.

feedback is lovely. and really appreciated since i wanted to tear my hair out getting this up.


raise the volume and wait for it to load completely *grumble*

Heroes - Sylar from csill jara on Vimeo.

Tags: gabriel gray, heroes, holy jesus christ youtube, my vids, sylar

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