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these were the craziest three days of my life! hehe just one thing after another. but all in all it was a good, fun experience and i guess the good cancelled out the bad. Andrea isnt talking to me right now though, so that sux. I dont know how i am gonna fix that, expecially since wednesday is the last day we have to decide if we are gonna move in together or not. And now that shes mad....i dont know. i prettymuch screwed up.

but i had a long convo with erica and she talked me through the whole thing. I think i am finally going through some changes, and its time for me to decide what i need to do with my life. Emily should be coming back tonight. that whole thing was weird and i think she was hurt that i was with other people instead of her. i did talk to her about it though and she seemed ok with it cause of this thing she is going though right now. so i dont know what to do about that.

I think i finally realized that maybe i am worth something as a human being. And i had a real good time in the process =p trying to decide if i want to write more about that. I'll see what Amanda does ;)

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