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crazy days

so i think damage control is pretty much complete. Josh didnt say anything to me about yesterday, and Andrea is talking to me and i am pretty sure we are gonna get an apartement together. This totally rocks. So I am actually gonna sleep in my bed tonight lol. fun.

I was supposed to see Tavi and Emily today but they never called me back. I was so out of it when he called cause i finally got some sleep and he woke me up but then he said he would call back and he never did. And they are leaving tomorrow but i have no way of getting in touch with them. oh well, i dunno what to do. so thats that.

Andrea just introduced me to her really cute friend Jason. He is so sweet and nice, i dont know where she finds all these nice guys. hehe. Oh, so i found out Lil went to a rave alst night with Maggie, Erica and DAVE!!!! dave of all people, and then he walks out of her room this morning and i found out Maggie slept at Ericas. SO he slept there. with Lil. after i told her what a crush i had on him. Like i am not upset, but in the back of my mind it is really bothering me.

so now its like 5:30 in the morning and i have to go take a shower cause i really do, and i have to wake up in time for my 12:00 class. easy you say? not really after getting days of no sleep. hehe. this week should be long and hard. i cant wait.

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