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waitin for 5:30am...

so its 4, and i am still up. surprise, surprise. i am trying to study but i keep doing everything else that i possibly can not to study. I am even doing other homework. I just dont get math. I cant even explain why. Its just that everytime i think i get something, i go to the next problem and my confusion starts all over again. i wish i had english homework right now.

And then i just start drifting off and thinking about random things, like how much i am not looking forward to going home for spring break. its like a week away from here. Away from my friends and all the people i care about and would much rather be with. i mean, i will make the best of it, i just hate having to force myself to deal with things when i shouldnt have to.

i'm kind of mad that Emily didnt even say goodbye. I should be really mad but at this point i dont really care. I am just gonna care about the people that take the time out to care about me. lol i sound like a corny self help book now. it will pass. hehe

"The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it."
-W. M. Lewis

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