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i'm feeling kind of bummed out and empty tonight. i dont know why though. today was an awsome day. But then everytime night comes, i just cant seem to stay in a good mood. Plus i am soooo tired but i just cant get to sleep. Not even a nap. i just want to be around people but no one is around. =(

I didnt put in my housing deposit today, which i probably should have, but i am probably gonna get an apartement with andrea anyways so its all good. I have to go to the stupid clinic tomorrow with heather and michelle. She wants to get tested and i need to get some stuff. I just really hate doctors. all doctors. i wish i could just cure myself. or have like a personal doctor that knew me so well that i wouldnt mind. lol

tomorrow is thursday. thank god. thursdays are my favorite days. i dont know why. i also dont know why i write such useless crap in here. like who cares about thursday being my favorite day. ugh...

i think i just fell in love with Andrea....

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