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stupid online tests

well duh, of course i knew i was gonna get this one...

it was soooo nice out today. unbelievably nice. i actually wore a skirt and looked pretty good. I think i should wear them more often. I hung out with Heather today which was really nice cause she always makes me laugh and i miss her so much. I remember last year she was the only one that made me feel anywhere near ok.

tomorrow is andreas dance show. i am pretty excited to see it. i just wish it wasnt at 8. i wish it was more towards teh middle of the day. So now i am just sitting around doing nothin, waiting for Vito. Maybe i'll write something, or draw something. ive given up on homework at this moment. It just makes me feel stupid cause i cant do it.

joshs program is tonight. i might not go. eh, whatever. i am watching tv now. carson daly is trying to be a talk show host. its not working.

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