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wooo freakin hoo!!!!

Today has been a Flicker-riffic day!!! I didn't go to my first class which sux but i was waay too tired and hurting. Getting drunk at house parties really weighs on ya. lol

So then i wake up to go to my next class cause i felt bad. But that was my last class for the day so that was cool. Then i went to get a dave matthews poster and y guitar world magazine. yippeeee Nirvana on the cover :) Then i came home and talked to Izzy for a while. Trying to talk her into coming up here so we can go to the Flickerstick concert..

AHHH!!! i am sooo excited about that. That totally ade my day. I was so upset that i couldnt see flickerstick and then i found out they are coming to Buffalo!!!!! its like 15 min from my campus!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

so school has been ok. Tiring but ok. I'm really getting along with my roomate which is awsome. i went out last night to a house party and got drunk kinda, and we were gonna go to the bar but i couldnt think straight and i really had to pee so we went

Now it is like POURING rain here so i dont think i'm going out. i think we are just gonna get some drinks and have a party in our room. Tomarrow I am gonna go see 'O' with the girls in my hall. ahhhh...fletcher :)

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