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yesterday i went to andreas dance show with josh, jim, and jeff. it was sooo amazing and much better then i expected. Some of the pieces were so sexual! it was really fun to watch hehe. there were some very beautiful people there. Andrea did sooo well, it was so nice to see her dancing and doing what she loved. Her entire family was there and John came too. It was really good to see him again. We are always so happy to see eachother. Vito and I are probably gonna go see Mary's show tonight too. It should be really exciting.

Last night i was so tired but i really had an urge just to go out, just to be with people i guess. So Vito came over and we went to The Continental. I love being there just because the people are so wonderful there. goth night is always the best. hehe. So i danced a little, which i never do,a nd i felt rediculous, but it was fun anyways. I got into it after a while, but then i was just too tired to keep going. So we were both hungry and we went to ihop. we had a good time just talking and hanging out, which was really nice. Then he dropped me off and i finally went to bed. i actually fell asleep this time too. It was such a relief.

so i am sleeping peacefully and Mry comes home and makes as much noise as she possibly can and wakes me up. I was so pissed off, like why cant people be respectful of eachother. I finally got to sleep, and she goes and wakes me up. So i decided it was time to do some laundry anyways. i have like 5 loads to do so that should take a while. This weekend should be fun. Tomorrow we are going to the St. patricks day parade and i might go to a rave afterwards with Vito. I'll see how i am feeling though...

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