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st. pattys day like it should be

i dont know if i can even begin to explain the past few days. They have been beautifully wonderful and strange at the same time. But after all of it i just feel this strange wonderful calmness. I think i feel better then i have ever felt before. Its really amazing. Its hard to explain. its like nothing can touch me anymore.

Anyway, Firday we went over to Jason's after Mary's dance show and we hung out and watched Fight Club. Governors is such a cool place. I like it way better then where we live. Anyway we stayed there really late, till around 5am adn then we decided we should go back home. Vito stayed over and we decided that we would be too tired to get up for the St. Patricks day parade the next day. But we did anyway after much convincing. I met some of Vitos friends who were very nice. At first i was uncomfortable with them, cause thats how i am with people. But after a little while i was fine and everything was going well. We went to a bar for a while and waited for the parade to start. It was pretty cold outside and we only stayed at the parade for a little while, then we went back to the bar and just talked for a little while. I decided that i did want to go to the rave afterall so Vito and I went to get me a ticket. The rave was pretty empty at that time so we just walked around a little, then decided to leave and get something to eat. We ended up going to a pizza place where the rest of them met up with us. Vito and I actually did a lot of talking which i really liked because I already felt like i knew so much about him and then there was always more to learn.

so then we went to a bar and i had a few drinks, then we just walked around a little and ended up going back to the rave. it was pretty cool in there, good techno music, hot people. I'm not really into the rave scene but i am really started to like techno and get a feel for it, so i was having a good time. Then we went to sit on the couch cause it was getting tiring and we just needed to relax. sometime during that point we took e. i took it for the first time. I was kinda nervous but i have always wanted to try it. pure happyness in a pill, thats what i was told. So we took two and a half whih is apparently two much, then we left the rave and went to go get stuff at a store. We probably shouldnt have left but i am glad we did, because i felt lik eit worked out very nicely. I think i might have been two weirded out if i started to feel the way i did in a crowded strange environment. We went to get some stuff and kinda got stuck in the parking lot. It was like suddenly i just felt the need to look at everything and touch everything, but it was all a million miles away. I felt like i was getting lost inside a different world. so the rest of the night was kind of strange and back and forth. All i know is that it was an experience that i might not want to try again. it was very eye opening though, and afterwards i just felt very calm about it.

id write what else happened but this is getting long and annoying lol. Lets just say it ended up to be an interesting night. I feel a lot closer to vito though after all that happened. i think even if it wasnt the best night, it was a very worth while experience and i wouldnt change a thing. well except the pain part. could have dealt without that. i hate seeing people hurt. especially him.

We kind of just slept and relaxed for the next few days. I watched monty python to which Vito was very happy. I really enjoyed it a lot more then i thought i would though. i love spending time with him. its like nothing else matters. Today was the first day we actually did someting, like get out of the house and go to class. hehe. That night really knocked us out. I studied math all day today. i actually dont mind it that much anymore. Now i do it to take my mind off of stuff. funny how things work out.

I dont want to go home on friday. i might stay here. but i hate being alone...

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