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its like 2am already, and i cant sleep. I slept a little this afternoon so that probably didnt help any. But now? forget it. I'll be up for hours. I have to go with andrea tomorrow to give in our housing application. She probably wont even be able to live with me. So i have a lot on my mind that i am trying to just get over.

joah came up to talk. i havnt seen him for days. He is pretty bummed out. Its strange how i am the least bummed out, out of all of them. i feel kind of bad.

so i was looking for hotels around the area today. something cheap that maybe i could stay in for some of spring break so i dont have to go home. It wouldnt be too much fun but it would be better then going home and getting all depressed again. I am in a pretty ok spot right now and i wouldnt want to ruin that. Vito didnt call tonight. Probably hes still sleeping. its still early in our world though hehe. i dont want to seem to clingy though, so i'll just shut up about it.

i'll stay up to watch the sunrise. that might be fun.

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