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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
sick day 
22nd-Mar-2002 11:50 am
so i decided not to go home today. I am going home wednesday. My parents flipped out and i am somewhat worried that i did more damage by doing this. Now its just gonna be weirder when i go home. But atleast i wont have to deal with them for so many days. I feel bad for my mom though cause she was very upset. i wish i could just make everyone happy at the same time.

So Vito came over last night and we just hung out, fooled around and then watched a movie. At like 3am the fire alarm went off, which was not pleasant at all. After that i was feeling so sick that i just layed down in bed and feel asleep while Vito watched the rest of the movie. Its so weird how i always get so sick right before i have to go home. In the middle of the night i was like shaking and i had a fever and i felt like i was gonna throw up. It was very not pleasant. Today i feel a little better but i can still feel it there bothering me.

so i have to pack today, and then i am gonna go to a hotel for a couple days. Vito will be around so it wont be totally horrible. We might go visit Amanda for a couple days but i have to see how i am feeling and all that. I feel very weird right now for not going home, but i am also happy i stayed. WHy am i always so conflicted? i wish i could just stick to one thing and be completely happy about it.
Felix- to the left
22nd-Mar-2002 09:46 am (UTC)
aww how is it that everyone i know is sick today? is vito the guy your seeing? oh, and screw your parents, do whats best for you and your health both physical, and mental. its not like your never going home. just take it easy and drink some orange juice. and i think you feel conflicted cause you really do miss your family, but you dont want to hear them complain and drill you about things... yes that sounds right. just be happy, the only person that matters to you is yourself. feel better sweetie <3<3<3
1st-Apr-2002 12:18 am (UTC) - Re:
after this insight of yours, i think you are the smartest person i know. everything you said was just so perfect, and made me feel so much better. you have no idea how much anxiety you relieved by just telling me these things. i love ya lots hun. thanks =)
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