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sick day

so i decided not to go home today. I am going home wednesday. My parents flipped out and i am somewhat worried that i did more damage by doing this. Now its just gonna be weirder when i go home. But atleast i wont have to deal with them for so many days. I feel bad for my mom though cause she was very upset. i wish i could just make everyone happy at the same time.

So Vito came over last night and we just hung out, fooled around and then watched a movie. At like 3am the fire alarm went off, which was not pleasant at all. After that i was feeling so sick that i just layed down in bed and feel asleep while Vito watched the rest of the movie. Its so weird how i always get so sick right before i have to go home. In the middle of the night i was like shaking and i had a fever and i felt like i was gonna throw up. It was very not pleasant. Today i feel a little better but i can still feel it there bothering me.

so i have to pack today, and then i am gonna go to a hotel for a couple days. Vito will be around so it wont be totally horrible. We might go visit Amanda for a couple days but i have to see how i am feeling and all that. I feel very weird right now for not going home, but i am also happy i stayed. WHy am i always so conflicted? i wish i could just stick to one thing and be completely happy about it.

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