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lonely day

hello world. i am almost back. hehe.

this week was pretty crazy. The first half was the best. I hung out with Vito till wednesday. We stayed at a hotel and we went shopping and took care of a few things and juts had a lot of fun. I am so glad that i stayed there instead of going home all that time. Then I went home for the rest of the week and it was pretty ok. I cant wait to go back to Buffalo though. Everyone here is driving me crazy. I am trying to find anything to do right now to occupy my time so i dont go completely crazy. My parents are arguing non stop and i just dont have the energy to deal with them anymore right now. I wish i was going back tonight. its driving me crazy.

so vito is gonna pick me up from teh airport, which is soooo nice of him. then i might get my tongue pierced. He seemed kind of bummed out so i just want to see whats up with him and see what i can do. I miss that. I miss him, and everyone else. I cant wait to g back and see everyone.

i felt really tired and lonely today. like i just wanted to shut the entire world out, and i couldnt cause everywhere i went, someone was there. So i tried to study math to take my mind off of everything, and i couldnt even do that. every 2 seconds someone would be bothering me or yelling too loud or picking on me. tomorrow will be better...

i'll update more on what we did the beginning of this week when i have more time. hotel rooms and porno make for the best time. hehe

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