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home sweet home

who would have thought that i would love buffalo so much? it was such a relief to finally get back here. The flight took way too long and i was getting anxious already. i just had a bad feeling about the whole thing. But it went pretty well. Then Vito picked me up from the airport which i felt bad about cause i didnt want him to go out of his way, but it was so wonderful of him to do. Then we went to eat and i was gonna get my tongue pierced but the girl that does the piercings wasnt there. So i am gonna do that tomorrow.

After that we came back to my room and i unpacked while he just hung out and talked to Mary. it was really good to see Andrea again. she looked really nice. I feel bad that i didnt get to see her later tonight, but she probably went to Jasons. Then Vito and i fooled around, which i hate calling it that cause to me its a lot more then that at this point, although i know he would probably hate me saying so. Anyway, it was very nice and i really missed him. he looked very cute today, like more then usual. although he is always cute. hehe. then we watched Original Sin with Angelina Jolie who i absolutely adore. it was a very bizarre movie, but i liked it. she is breath taking no matter what she does. hehe

i like how things are changing for me. it wasnt pleasant to go home for those few days, but it helped me realize how great stuff was back here. i never thought i would be saying that, but its true. and i dont hate things as much as i used to anymore. its a nice feeling to have.

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