Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

the other day

i wrote this in my other journal the other day and i just felt like i really needed to put it in here:

wow i havnt updated in a million years. i have just been very preoccupied with Vito. Its very nice actually. better then i thought it would be. We have this wonderful connection going on, and a pretty good understanding, which is all we need.

i went home for half of spring break. the other half i spent with him. We had an awsome time just hanging out and fooling around and having lots of fun. i wish we could live in a hotel forever lol. i'm so glad that i am getting to know him so well. he really is a wonderful person, and so special. he doesnt even know it. he has no idea what a completely different and refreshing kind of guy he is. he has this truth in him and this beauty that shines everytime he smiles, or looks at you a certain way. its like, anytime we are together, everything just falls into place and i can honestly feel what true happiness could be. and i know nothing perfect last forever, but even this time with him is so wonderful and i wouldnt change a thing.

this is what life is about.

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