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In a rush...

Ok i'm in a rush to get going cause i'm meeting my friend at the airport!! i am so excited to see her! love ya erries! I went to the blink 182 concert last night and it was pretty hot. They had some technical difficulties but all in all it was good. Jimmy Fallon was there doing a comedy act and he was the best!!! hes cute too :) But half way through the concert i was just standing there thinking 'I wish this was a Flickerstick concert' I have been to four concerts this summer and Flickersticks was the best by far. And that was the least expensive too. Just goes to show about quality. I miss then so much!! especially since BOTR is not on tonight!! I need the eps so bad! I have Beautiful stuck in my head. Which is a good song to have stuck in your head. Oh i got a cool Blink guitar pick yesterday. It works great on my guitar :) I might not be updating this journal for a few days cause i'm going to visit my grandma on wednesday but I might not get a chance before then.

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