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*i'm happy for you*

Today was pretty uneventful, but nice and relaxing. I didnt really sleep very but i am not that tired. Vito slept over and then went to class. we just lazied around for a long time. i was up so early lol. but he slept till about 1ish. anyway, when he left i cleaned a little and painted a little. now i am trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my time. I am so tempted to go over to my friends room and smoke up, but i promised myself i wouldnt, so i dont know. this sucks. i hate waiting, and deciding, and trying to do something with myself. i can never find something that interests me long enough. well besides him.

i guess i'll wait for andrea to get back from work and see what she is doing.


You took me for a joke
You took me for a child
You took a long hard look at my ass
And then played golf for a while
Your shake is like a fish
You pat me on the head
You took me out to wine dine 69 me
But didn't hear a damn word I said

I see right through you
I know right through you
I feel right through you
I walk right through you

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