Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

Gonna try this for a while

  • 15:17 @piping_hot knock knock Angela!! #
  • 15:25 @speccygeekgrrl LOL this happens to me all the time. but i feel bad :\ hehe #
  • 15:29 @piping_hot I suppose they could do it in Angela's office till you get back!!! LOL. >.> #
  • 15:30 @moorishflower he could always give nathan an epiphany, or a smack in the head lol #
  • 15:32 @piping_hot yeah he more or less wants that too. along with the use of level 5 to contain EVERYONE. #
  • 15:34 today is a weird day. #
  • 15:38 @piping_hot he wants The Company to take charge and capture everyone there instead of letting them mill about at the mansion and streets #
  • 16:31 the weather outside is neither frightful, or delightful. #
  • 16:31 @GabrielSylar i freakin love that movie! #
  • 16:35 @speccygeekgrrl too cute :) #
  • 16:48 @moorishflower fill me in on sanjog. i've been falling behind on posts. do you have aim or something? #
  • 16:49 catching up with BSG now, and wondering why the newest nip/tuck is still not up at the place i get it from :\ #
  • 17:25 @tiptoe39 WHAT? GET OVER HERE! :D #
  • 17:27 @speccygeekgrrl i was wondering about that lol. i was like, wow she thinks shes so cool! ;) lol. YOU ARE THAT COOL! #
  • 17:30 @tiptoe39 we totally saved you a seat though! #
  • 17:30 @Zachluvsstripes shit i have to catch up. our stupid cable doesn't have comedy central anymore. ugh. JON STEWART I MISS YOU! #
  • 18:19 @boudecia7 i finally started mine last night! w00t! #
  • 18:20 @boudecia7 oh yeah, im about 1,300 words in and no smut yet, but i like to work with the build up ;) #
  • 20:02 @Silverjedi331 yeah, probably. thats what i was sayin lol. you're leia would wow him! #
  • 20:02 @tiptoe39 AHH i know right!?! :D #
  • 20:03 @boudecia7 long fic is always good! especially long build up fic that leads to smut! :D #
  • 20:04 @catoasapun *hugs* hope you feel better <3 #
  • 21:31 OMG LOST I LOVE YOU! *cries* #
  • 21:34 @moorishflower aww are we going our seperate ways now? #
  • 21:43 @GabrielSylar hahah NICE!! :D #
  • 21:52 YESSSSS! #
  • 21:53 @moorishflower awwwwwwww :( bad nathan. but...he didnt...he was....awwwww. lol #
  • 22:10 @moorishflower LOL. can it have balls on it? #
  • 22:18 omg i'm so behind on flist. #
  • 22:48 @moorishflower hahahah WIN!!! *pats Nathan on the head* #
  • 23:32 OMFG new ZQ set pics!!!! OMFG! :D #
  • 23:33 @foxsyd how do i do that? just send it to twitter at #Comic-con? #
  • 00:03 @foxsyd yeah, i know how to post to twitter lol. but whats with the # thing? #
  • 00:05 @moorishflower you saw them! you saw them! well, you saw one! did you see the others!? #
  • 00:20 @foxsyd ah ok, so as long as i put comic-con in my msg it will pop up. cool :) #
  • 01:32 @Zachluvsstripes this is always a good thing!! :D #
  • 01:57 @Zachluvsstripes go for it!! I'm all ears! :D pm me on lj if you'd like :D #
  • 02:18 clusterfuck in the Petrelli mansion hallway! #
  • 02:38 @evil15smiles drunk adam is DRRRUNK! he should have joined elle and peter earlier. lol #
  • 02:39 @evil15smiles i love how he doesnt give a shit about the serious!talk that's going on hah #
  • 02:51 @evil15smiles aww he could have followed us. caused some ruckus lol #
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