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my heeeaaaddd!!!

oh my holy flickerstickness. I am soo tired and feel like shit. Never drink so uch in one night. Well atleast i wasnt barfing and shit. I was having a good night but then around 4am my friend was getting sick and i practically had to babysit her for like 2 hours. it was so annoying. then i came back to my room and couldnt sleep so I printed some tab off the computer and played y guitar for a while. Now i am dead. I feel dead. lifeless. yuck.

But one good thing is I found out that 3 doors down is gonna be at my school for fallfest!!!! I have never been so excited. I LOVE them to death. I was upset that i didnt get to see them this summer in concert and now i can see them for free!!!!!! yippeeeee. everclear and nickleback is gonna be here too. yipeeee. and the day after that I'm going to the Flickerstick concert. My mom is like when are you gonna study. i'm like uh....flickerstick. lol

so i'm finally gonna go get my tattoo today. i cant wait. the tattoo places are so freakin far away!!! but tis all good. today better be ok. thank god theres no class tomarrow. i might just die....

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