Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

Gonna try this for a while

  • 02:39 i hate when he gets like this. especially when im so far away :\ #
  • 03:23 @boudecia7 it's far too complicated to explain heh. so i'm leaving it vague #
  • 04:38 I am massively sleep deprived lol. #
  • 13:00 god i am so freakin sore everywhere. even my scalp hurts. lol. and i have to go to the freaking dentists again today :( #
  • 13:24 my sisters dog is sick, and i'm worried :( i hope my little baby dog is going to be ok! <3 #
  • 13:32 oh hayden!!! are you insane!?!? :O #
  • 13:50 @piping_hot yeah, they need better activities. these boys need some direction apparently. i blame peter. #
  • 13:51 @Doc_C apparently she's was seen making out with jesse mccartney and hanging all over him or something. but you know, it could be false. #
  • 13:52 @speccygeekgrrl when they start having sex with themselves, thats when you know something went wrong somewhere in their childhood LOL. #
  • 13:58 I got my 10th wonder podcast stickers!!! thanks guys!! :D #
  • 14:00 off to the dentist :( #
  • 14:24 @Doc_C some teeny bopper singer lol #
  • 15:04 the new nurse is manhandling my mouth!!! ouch! :\ #
  • 16:23 i haaate the dentist!!! my mouth hurts to bad! thank god its heroes day!! #
  • 16:24 @moorishflower nathan is probably going to sleep sometime soon! know lol #
  • 16:25 @Doc_C it totally should be though. #
  • 16:50 @myweakspot #
  • 16:51 @boudecia7 that's awesome!!! :D yay! #
  • 20:13 dude....i just watched fridays ep of BSG. i am completely beside myself with omg and sadness and omg. #
  • 20:58 DUDE!!!! i love obama...but it's almost 9pm. I love Heroes more right now. #
  • 21:00 oh thank god lol #
  • 22:03 OMFG HEROES! #
  • 22:05 @Doc_C LOL me too!! i was like, Obama has to go watch heroes! he's peacing out! #
  • 22:32 off to my sisters. trying not to die of tooth pain #
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