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one is the loneliest number

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So i went to take a nap after ER, then Vito called, thank god cause i was gettin down about hacking up my arm =\ we went to eat then we came back and did some math. hehe. then we tried to sleep at like 7am, but us + bed does not equal sleep, usually anyway. and now he is doing the lesson plan for todays class that i tried to talk him out of. lol. and his feet are so cute.

so today i am gonna be tired as hell but somehow i will get through the day cause i always do. And then there is the weekend, which as Vito pointed out, isnt much different from the rest of the week. lol but atleast there seems to be less stress. i love these days.

i am very mad at myself that i cut though. and i dont even know why i did it. well i read something that upset me so maybe that was it. yeah. but i shouldnt have done it. i havnt done it since that day....

It smells like sex in here...

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