Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

Gonna try this for a while

  • 02:47 I totally forgot to read my flist today!!! wtf. now i'm so behind! #
  • 04:40 i think i poisoned myself with tylenol tonight and im really worried. #
  • 04:59 @evil15smiles i'm trying to figure out if its that or just massive heartburn :\ #
  • 06:53 holy crap. i think im dying. i srsly dont knw if i should go to the ER or not. #
  • 07:45 @piping_hot i really dont know what to do right now. #
  • 08:45 @bexodus no i just have reeeeally bad stomach cramps and feel like crap. it might be a coincidence, it might be an ulcer. #
  • 08:46 @tiptoe39 i'm pretty sure its just a coincidence and it's hurting for some other reason. i think toxic tylenol doses are higher than that #
  • 08:53 I tried to eat something. maybe that will help. gonna go see if i can finally get some sleep. thanks guys <3 #
  • 11:38 no rest for the wicked. #
  • 12:01 @moorishflower yeah a bit! didn't get any sleep though :\ #
  • 12:52 posted a vid, ya'll better check it out! #
  • 12:52 @evil15smiles yeah i'm feeling a bit better. still achey, and i got no sleep whatsoever. but im not dying in pain so yay! heh #
  • 12:52 @tiptoe39 *hugs back!* #
  • 13:11 @evil15smiles i'm making icons! woo it's a love fest! hee :) #
  • 13:28 @evil15smiles yes, yes we are! *g* #
  • 15:03 @speccygeekgrrl dooooo it! #
  • 20:32 how am i still awake and fully functioning?! i didn't sleep AT ALL last night! my body is a weeeeird thing heh #
  • 20:32 @icalynn how much do we rock?! A LOT! #
  • 22:02 i iz crashing! #
  • 22:07 I'm scared to eat lol. cereal ftw! #
  • 22:08 @icalynn not to mention how freakin hot that thread is ;) #
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