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precious illusions...

waaaaay too much math today. lol i am so tired out but i cant sleep. i want to do something tonight but i dont know if either of us will have the energy. Vito went home to sleep just now and i guess i'm just chillin. hehe.

i felt bad cause last night i started to get weird right before we were gonna fool around, cause i remembered the cuts on my arm and i got really self conscious about them, but i didnt want to say anything. and he knew that something was up, but i didnt want to be like, oh yeah i cut myself, cause i was already so mad at myself for it. so yeah, that was that. but i got over it cause he is just so sweet about everything and made me feel better by just smiling.

it was so nice out today though. its snowing like crazy, but its not really cold, and the clouds look beautiful. and i actually noticed it, which never happens cause i never find things beautiful. i feel my sadness pulling at me, but i think i will get through this...

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