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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
Gonna try this for a while 
27th-Feb-2009 11:56 pm

  • 00:18 @Zachluvsstripes ooooh i want! #
  • 12:22 omg ouch. today is gonna be very ouch. #
  • 13:08 @kovaryo i'm sooooo tired. #
  • 13:08 @speccygeekgrrl oh you just reminded me lol. god, i'm too tired for cookies today lol #
  • 13:48 The interview guy seemed really nice on the phone. Guess we'll se on tuesday! #
  • 14:57 hey twitter, stop being a spoiler whore. #
  • 16:05 OMG these cookies look like they are gonna be so good! #
  • 16:25 @evil15smiles MUAHAHA! oh i love sasan so much <3 #
  • 16:26 @speccygeekgrrl I love you!!! *hugs* #
  • 16:45 @KiyoMichan yesss, me too. always puts a smile on my face :D #
  • 16:46 @evil15smiles among other things. hahaha. oh man. i think i have to watch some SoNo tonight. you talking about it for days has me craving it #
  • 16:47 @piping_hot i decided to wait with hippie nathan. angela should only have to deal with one insane petrelli child at a time hehe #
  • 17:32 @piping_hot i don't know if i want her to handle it! LOL. i want her to be slightly horrified. no, a lot horrified heh #
  • 18:14 twitpic.com/1qip3 - mmm chocolate cherry cookies! thanks speccy! #
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Felix- to the left
1st-Mar-2009 12:32 am (UTC)
emilyspeaks (me) just added you on twitter<3
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