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your better then the love drug...

i havnt updated in a while. Vito and I partied hard this weekend, and we were out for a few days. I had an amazing time though. i wish i could have been more aware, but i remember every feeling, and it was totally worth it. What an orgasmic experience ;) I feel like we slept so much and yet i am still so tired. But its an ok tired, not the tiredness i usually have.

This i think this weekend was amazing not because of the drugs, but more because of Vito. like it just woulnt have been the same without him. and each time, i feel closer to him. i just feel like i learned so much more about him then i thought, and i feel like i shared more as well. it just always seems to be a good experience for me.

We went shopping before all tht and got some clothes and i got some jewelry. This week Clinton is coming to speak at my school, and No Doubt is coming too. i am sooo excited for No Doubt. i just wish it wasnt all this week. i feel like i have so much to do, but i really dont. its an overwhelming feeling with nothing to be overwhelmed about. i really need to take control of that.

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