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fucking people...

some people should just fucking mind their own business. i will do whatever i want with my life and if they have a problem with it then they shouldnt be my friends. i'm just sick and tired of defending myself and putting up with things to make the whole world happy. And if anyone has something to tell me, then tell me to my face, dont go making vague statements and pretending like your not talking about me. i'm so sick of it.

and another thing i am sick of is everyone expecting me to be happy all the time. i'm not gonna be happy cause i am not a happy person. if i am happy once in a while then just accept that and make the most of it, and if you dont like me when i am being myself then stay the fuck away from me. simple as that.

whew, now that i got that out of my system i feel a lot better. now i am off to catch up with a bunch of stuff, and talkign to Amanda. So glad shes back =)

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