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i dont believe that anybody feels the way i do, about you now

just thought i'd steal that from you katie...hehe

Today turned out better then i thought it would. It was a strange goodness, but i got a lot out of it. Vito and i were gonna go to see Clinton but we decided not too, so we went to get food, then we went to get a movie from blockbuster, but at that point we were already drained and annoyed, so we came back and he slept for a while while i talked to Kara a little. Then we hung out with Andrea for a while which was nice cause i have been missing her. I love how the two of them get along so well. its perfect.

then we went to olive garden to eat cause i was so hungry. Vito and I had a little argument there that kinda escalated into a bigger one later on, but i think i am glad we had it, cause i feel better about us and how we just got through it, and i just feel like i know him a little better, and like him even more.he also said a few things that were just nice to hear, and i think i really needed to hear them. And we are definitely doing the apartment in the city thing. I think its going to be fabulous.

so then we fooled around beautifully and then watched monty python, which i am starting to love more and more, especially cause he enjoys it so much. so all in all it was a wonderful night and i feel better today then any other night this week. i wanted to cut again earlier today, but now the urge is gone... =)

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