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was a pretty weird day...

i went to the dentist with andrea, and then I went to meet Vito on campus to go over some math stuff. After that we left the car at south campus and we went to kinda tour downtown buffalo. It was pretty cool after the sun went down. Its pretty dead down there though, but its still beautiful in the moment like right before the sun compltely goes down and its almost all dark. We ate at Firdays, which could have been better, but the waitress was really hot!

afterwards we just walked around a little. we checked out the buffalo hostel which was weird at first but then it turned out to be pretty cool. then we went home and Vito slept for a while while i went over to michelles. she talked me into smoking pot so i did. but i dont think i am ever doing it again. like the first time i said that, i did it here and there and i didnt really enjoy it anymore, but this time was just it.

Vito wanted to go back to michelles after i told him i just got back from there. so we went back and we smoked some more, and then we came back to my room cause we wanted to get with michelle. but she was being really weird and i was starting to feel weird too, and i hate the fact that i dont really know what was going on. plus, i felt like i was being too annoying cause everytime i smoke i get way too paranoid and i always think things are going on when they are not. So why do i keep doing it? i have no desire to anymore, cause i always feel bad for something afterwards, and i have enough of that already.

so then we were tired and we were gonna go to sleep, and everything was on my min and bothering me, but i just wanted to talk with Vito and be with him cause i was kinda weirded out, but we just fooled around and then went to bed. This morning we woke up late and he went to class but i didnt. i felt bad but there was no way i could wake up. i hate that pot does that to me too. and it seems to always make things worse between me and other people and then i constantly have to do damage control, cause thats the kind of person i am. ugh. so thats it.

so now i am waiting for him to get back. hes probably gonna sleep cause we sure did not get enough sleep last night, and then we are gonna meet Andrea, John, and Josh and go to the No Doubt concert. i am kinda excited, but i feel so overwhelmed that i just dont feel it that much. i hope it gets better later.

now i am just hungry and i want to eat... =(

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