Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

Gonna try this for a while

  • 00:05 @blossommorphine hahahah tea baggers #
  • 03:09 @jr_moon it is NEVER too early for ice cream! #
  • 08:07 omg stupid wind waking me up so early on a a saturday! #
  • 11:07 omg. tyra banks is BAT SHIT CRAZY. i know, this is not a news alert anymore, but every time i see her i just can't believe it all over again #
  • 11:12 @kiire just watching ANTM hehe. she's just up to being herself lol #
  • 11:15 @moorishflower she's just being herself lol #
  • 11:22 @moorishflower hahhaha i know. it amazes me every single time. i think she's the reason the O_o face exists #
  • 15:38 dude...whats with this massive swine flu epidemic? #
  • 16:22 wait...i only have 5 chars. when did i miss a round? lol #
  • 16:23 only. hahahahha #
  • 16:29 @kiire the dark side of what? lol i'm already the one waving the flag in the front lol #
  • 20:13 @moorishflower that's what she said. #
  • 20:18 @moorishflower thats what she said. damn, i could do this all night :p #
  • 20:18 @Doc_C *cuddles!!!!!* #
  • 20:22 i'm not going outside cause i dont want to get the swine flu #
  • 20:27 @flwrpwr_vampyre we do! we do! :D #
  • 20:36 @speccygeekgrrl nopity nope! my emails have been tardy for the past two days. i havent been getting comments or anything *kicks lj* #
  • 20:37 @speccygeekgrrl i'm on my way to check right now though! :D #
  • 21:34 @specctgeekgrrl got ur DM. will work on a list! :D #
  • 22:17 @kiire that's what i thought! i told @emomuffin that but she didn't believe me :P #
  • 22:23 @moosewizard what movie? #
  • 22:26 hahaha sylar #
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