Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

Gonna try this for a while

  • 23:56 @kiire hahaha i wax poetic #
  • 00:03 @kiire awwww doctor who!!! <3 #
  • 00:05 I need to find pants now. #
  • 00:10 @kiire hahaha i know!! #
  • 00:25 @kiire ok i'm cracking one open while i wait for my beta to get back to me heh #
  • 00:30 @Zachluvsstripes saaaaaaame here! *hugs* #
  • 00:31 does G-NC-17 rating include R? or would that just be PG-13? #
  • 00:41 sweet. thanks for the ratings info guys <3 #
  • 00:45 @kiire fuck i wish i had vodka *drinks beer* #
  • 00:45 @Zachluvsstripes it will be great!!! this is my...3rd i think heh #
  • 00:59 @kiire yesss i did!! oh that burn. i almost miss it now lol #
  • 01:01 @speccygeekgrrl gnight darling!! <3 #
  • 01:56 THE FIC IS SENT! REJOICE!!! :D #
  • 01:58 @blossommorphine hahah woo!! i made the deadline SOMEWHERE at least!! i'm 3 hours behind in mine heh! :D #
  • 01:59 @Zachluvsstripes omg yes!!! we did it! :D #
  • 02:09 @Zachluvsstripes OH!!!!! YES!!!!! IS THAT NEW!!?! YOU JUST MADE MY NIGHT!! :D #
  • 04:27 @Megmatthews20 LOL same here!!! it's an odd thing. #
  • 04:56 maybe i should go to sleep? lol #
  • 05:00 @blossommorphine do not know! decided to do other things instead!! LOL woo 6am! heh #
  • 11:46 good morning!!! er...afternoon! :D #
  • 12:28 today feels like a sex and the city day. don't ask why cause i don't know. #
  • 12:34 the sun is hiding today!!! this makes me incredibly happy. i hope it stays this way. maybe even hope for rain?!?! #
  • 13:02 RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *FLAILS!* #
  • 13:19 @speccygeekgrrl oh you lucky!!! we got like 10 mins of rain and i think the stupid sun is trying to come out now. rawr. #
  • 16:51 what a fucking perfect day!! it's rainy, cloudy, foggy, chilly and quiet!! :D #
  • 17:02 wtf is eurovision and why the hell is everyone so omg about it?! lol #
  • 17:09 @gossy16 is it like a multicultural american idol? lol #
  • 17:12 @gossy16 yeah i figured it was more something like that. but cool! sounds fun hehe. its funny to watch everyone being all :D :D about it heh #
  • 17:25 @Mabetini *hugs* darling. my thoughts will be with you <3 #
  • 17:52 @flying_monkees welcome back! :) #
  • 18:03 @flying_monkees hahaha he's not angry! that's just nathan face #3908131939 heh #
  • 18:03 @moosewizard omg i was just thinking the same thing. how did we not know about this!?!? #
  • 18:49 @gossy16 it really is! i'm all over it now! heh #
  • 19:00 lounge harder mr. quinto <3 #
  • 19:35 Heroes season one tiem nao! #
  • 20:57 god, every time i watch season one of heroes i get chills with how good it is and just want to keep that one on repeat forever #
  • 20:59 @tristankent volume 4 was pretty good. except for that last thing that i still can't speak of without going into a rage. #
  • 21:01 @ilaam just the look on little peter's face when he's all "You flew!" to Nathan! aaaahh <3333 #
  • 21:01 @tristankent yes THAT. RAWR. why did you say it!??! lol #
  • 21:09 "Being a cheerleader is hard work! Hard treacherous work!" #
  • 21:24 eden: why dont u just ask ur father mohinder: he was murdered 4 days ago, u didn't know? If she knew, would she have suggest to ask him? drr #
  • 21:24 @ilaam comic con fic!? :D #
  • 21:26 @ilaam where might i find this glorious piece of work? :D #
  • 21:27 i keep hitting refresh at heroes exchange like every hour to see if my fic was posted lol #
  • 21:28 @kiire ew. no babies. no babies in my heroes! #
  • 21:29 @ilaam i remember seeing you get those signed! hehe #
  • 21:45 @speccygeekgrrl same here :\ *hugs* #
  • 21:48 @ilaam friended! #
  • 21:53 @ilaam who's doing the sexing? #
  • 21:57 @kiire that's different. that would be babies is your stomach belly. not your uterus belly. eewww god. i hate babies lol #
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