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*shes so lucky, shes a star...but she cry cry cries in her lonely heart*

i couldnt i redid my journal colors and my desktop. green seems to be my favorite color for the moment. i dont know why i am suddenly so attracted to it.

anyway, after looking for apartments for hours, i finally went to bed around 4am. I couldnt really sleep though, and then Vito kept getting worried that i didnt have enough room so he got up at like 6 and i havnt been able to sleep since then. He went back to sleep in the lounge though. hehe.

today its supposed to be 80 degrees here. thats really gross. Its like, you wanna go outside but its to humid and muggy to do anything. And way too sunny. I am just soooo tired that i wanna cry but its just not happening. i have no idea what i am doing today. Vito has class at 2 so he should be wakin up around 12, and then he will probably go home and i will sit here and waste the day. i am kinda sick of sitting here at my computer...

And yes, i am listening to britney spears...

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