Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

Gonna try this for a while

  • 01:57 today was a really good day :) #
  • 12:37 @emomuffin noooooo lol :p #
  • 12:43 @emomuffin rawr rawr ouch whales :( haha im upppp :p #
  • 12:46 happy birthday to my bb ZQ <3 #
  • 12:49 @Doc_C hehehe ~happy bithday zachary quinto. we will celebrate with some sex!~ #
  • 12:51 @Doc_C quinto is already covered in glitter. it's in his skin. but he doesn't dazzle. #
  • 12:56 @piping_hot no no no!!! he DOESN'T dazzle!!! please god, no!! lol he just glitters some. heh #
  • 14:17 damn, it's exhausting to write really emotionally distraught characters. i feel a headache coming on already. #
  • 14:19 @crazilazigurl oh i'm RPing right now heh. are you on lj? #
  • 14:20 @Doc_C yeah, vortex. nathan is having an epic meltdown of the memory loss kind. #
  • 14:24 @Doc_C are you trying to kill the poor boy? a!nathan already did a bang up job. #
  • 14:27 @emomuffin if that was his best then i'm scared lol #
  • 14:39 @Doc_C hmm so a deal with vamp!Nathan is off then? lol #
  • 14:39 @emomuffin that's not an excuse lol. bad a!nathan. look what you've done to the poor boy now. #
  • 18:17 @Doc_C oh ok!! i haven't had a chance to catch up with other threads recently. so much ~drama~ distracting me hehe #
  • 18:34 ugh i hate when i want to find out how much tix for a show are gonna be but they dont post the price till they go on sale. FAIL LIVENATION. #
  • 21:04 ew new heroes spoilers. ew. #
  • 21:06 and damn, adam lambert is fab. #
  • 21:06 @jenthefangirl the part about peter and nathan #
  • 21:10 @jenthefangirl I KNOW!!! ARGH. even it's our pseudo boys. i'm learning to cope lol #
  • 21:13 @kate_biatch me too :D #
  • 21:13 @asexiness then dont read them!!! LOL #
  • 21:15 @moorishflower oh good, i'm glad to not be alone in this thought. #
  • 21:18 @asexiness omg i know. i fight with myself about this all the time. but now...after nathan...i just don't care as much anymore :\ #
  • 21:19 @moorishflower YES exactly. he's so useless so much of the time. it's sad #
  • 21:21 ok, the veronicas are supa hot. haha can you tell i'm perusing ONTD with these tweets? yes. i am. #
  • 21:33 going out tonight. w00t. #
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