Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

Gonna try this for a while

  • 03:01 @jenthefangirl hey, i dunno. i believed you when you said our bbs were gonna be ok. and clearly they're not. #
  • 03:11 well that was monumentally awful. remind me to stay home next time. #
  • 03:24 @emomuffin love you too <3 #
  • 09:12 I GOT MY BLINK182/FOB/PATD TIX!!! WOO!!! now back to bed. nrrghh. #
  • 13:57 @emomuffin dont wannaaaaaa #
  • 14:00 omg so hung over. why u do dis life? #
  • 14:10 @Doc_C oh you don't know the crying and the drama that went along with it. it was awesome for sure. my brain doesn't wanna deal with it. #
  • 15:06 i wish i could go to Cali to go see a Michael Shermer lecture. #
  • 16:09 omg i havent checked lj in weeks. wth is wrong with me?! lol. damn vortex lol #
  • 18:34 @kiire i was working under the impression that its like the very beginning of feb. so valentines day is coming up #
  • 22:33 trying to catch up with my flist is a daunting task right now. nrrggh #
  • 22:39 @flying_monkees haha then i'll never get through it all. the breaks keep distracting me and i don't get anywhere! #
  • 22:48 maybe i should eat dinner since its midnight lol #
  • 23:03 @flying_monkees yeah by tomorrow there will be 942039482482 more posts and i'll fall even more behind lol #
  • 23:28 ugh i just traumatized myself with a nathan pic from an invisible thread. #
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