Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

Gonna try this for a while

  • 00:29 well, that was fun. but now i'm back heh #
  • 01:23 RAWR. #
  • 01:32 having an emo heroes night :\ #
  • 01:32 but at least it's raining like fucking crazy #
  • 01:32 ruined my hair a little while i was out though #
  • 01:36 @tristankent ooh i like your new pic! #
  • 01:37 @asdefgaheckel ur moms. #
  • 01:37 @asdefgaheckel roxy's lol #
  • 02:17 omfg if V calls me one more time to say i'm sorry i'm gonna go over there and kick him in the balls. #
  • 03:11 @asdefgaheckel sry <3 #
  • 04:14 the universe is standing still. #
  • 13:37 omg it is soooo rainy outside :D #
  • 14:47 today is a slow day. #
  • 17:26 go away cramps. do not want. #
  • 17:27 @Megmatthews20 it really does. ngl. i've gotten into arguments about it a couple times. lol #
  • 17:27 so i remembered to eat at 6:30 today! it's getting earlier! lol #
  • 20:15 @capn_mactastic ew you beat us for having the longest thread!! #
  • 20:16 omg katy perry being blasted from the club down the street. stfu. ihu. #
  • 21:25 @kiire wow. #
  • 23:29 degrassi just keeps going there! lol #
  • 23:32 @medelle oh no, i'm catching up. not sure if there was a new one. so far there were only 18 eps this season, right? #
  • 23:36 @medelle i'll have to check the site heh. i don't have the N anymore so i just DL them heh #
  • 23:41 @medelle no, no new eps. but the hollywood special is in august #
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