Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

Gonna try this for a while

  • 01:01 yaaaaay ReGenesis is on. dude. i was trying to figure out what time and channel this was all night. found it! #
  • 02:15 Please retweet: just signed petition 'Appeal to the UN on the Situation in Iran' - #
  • 02:18 RT @blossommorphine: Please retweet: just signed petition 'Appeal to the UN on the Situation in Iran' - #
  • 04:05 @bonerparty this is hilarious lol #
  • 04:06 i love pete, but what are we thanking him for? (besides being awwwwsome!!!) #thankyoupete #
  • 04:25 @blossommorphine THE pete. mr. wentzface himself. look at the trending topics heh #
  • 04:27 hahaha perez hilton. way to fail. plz, tweet harder instead of calling the police. #
  • 04:28 @blossommorphine did you read my tweet? lol #
  • 05:19 gnight kids! #
  • 13:25 holy shit these are the ugliest sunglasses i've ever seen #
  • 15:10 why is twitter being an asshole and not letting me follow people all of a sudden? #
  • 15:15 oh noooo not bryan fuller. this needs to not be true D: #
  • 15:16 @NathalieCaron this is not the time for such shenanegans!!! #
  • 15:19 @clocks wut? milo was in SVU? i thought he was only in CSI! i'm ashamed of my lack of complete knowledge of the situation! lol #
  • 15:20 @Doc_C #
  • 15:22 @clocks i thought i had infinite milo knowledge. but clearly this fell through the cracks. do you know the ep number? #
  • 15:26 @Doc_C fuck yes. we all definitely agree on that. #
  • 15:26 RT @TheODI: BREAKING HEROES NEWS - UPDATE - Looks like Fuller leaving is TRUE afterall. Latest details here: #
  • 15:26 not cool. sooo not cool. #
  • 15:31 I bet it was krings fault too. i would say it was peters fault by defualt, but not this time. #
  • 15:31 @Doc_C i'm evil. i can do it! #
  • 15:32 @clocks thank you thank you!!! :D #
  • 16:02 i'm debating if i want my hair to be red or blonde. rawr. #
  • 16:05 off to watch milo in svu. good times. #
  • 16:07 @jemiahj if they hired you that would be like...the best day ever for all of us! #
  • 16:08 @w07v3r yeah baby, milo is always a good time ;) heh #
  • 16:38 @NextOnHeroes THIS. #
  • 17:07 @clocks oh yeeaaaah i did see this one!! ok, i don't feel so ashamed anymore lol. i dunno why i forgot! #
  • 17:16 @asdefgaheckel i vote blue. lol #
  • 20:06 vacuuming is so not my thing. esp when my vacuum is half broken. #
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