Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

Gonna try this for a while

  • 02:17 @clocks now what? lol #
  • 04:30 bed time! #
  • 13:08 now THAT is a thunder storm :D #
  • 14:41 @ashiketchum i'm still going! lol #
  • 15:17 @ashiketchum oh, i dont know. where would we find out? #
  • 15:46 @ashiketchum it's sunny as fuck down here now #
  • 15:48 @ashiketchum ugh i hate it too cause i dont wanna make fail plans. i dont even know who else to ask right now. #
  • 16:26 my im program hates me and wont let me log back in, so if i was talking to you, that's where i went. #
  • 16:28 @asdefgaheckel hey bb are you coming to roxy's tonight? #
  • 16:33 @asdefgaheckel AHHHH RAWR!!!! man, i really wanted to go to fugazi but we wanna see the stripteasers tonight. #
  • 16:34 @flying_monkees yeah, nothing will connect. its not the internet *kicks aim* #
  • 16:35 @Zachluvsstripes i use adium and it kicked me off. i tried ichat and it didnt work and my friends AIM wont either. #
  • 16:45 off to shower then TITS, then out! hopefully aim will work later! #
  • 17:05 @asdefgaheckel yeah, we are gonna do both! heh #
  • 18:05 ahhhh livejournal!!! come back!! #
  • 18:12 @flying_monkees meee tooo! #
  • 18:14 ITS BACK! LJ IS BACK!! #
  • 18:15 it's moving slow as hell though #
  • 18:17 premature ejaculation! lj is not back anymore! #
  • 18:20 @Doc_C it'a MJ. he's breaking lj down. #
  • 18:30 @asdefgaheckel hahah i know. they'll be back! well, ontd and lj will lol #
  • 18:30 @Mabetini way to get out of hand, people! #
  • 18:31 @Doc_C well, they broke lj so they had to remove it for now lol #
  • 18:37 the weather outside is fab though!!! super thunderstorm! too back we planned an outdoors thing though :\ lol #
  • 18:38 @asdefgaheckel you're still going to fugazi though right? #
  • 18:45 @clocks lj overload. it will be back #
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